In 2011, Rosilyn Temple’s son was murdered in his own apartment. He was 26 years old. To this day, his homicide remains unsolved. Uncommon Allies shows how Rosilyn, in the wake and devastation of her son’s murder, turned a personal search for justice into a life changing community call to action. At a time when widespread distrust of law enforcement is at a heightened level, Uncommon Allies explores Rosilyn’s role in effectively bridging the gap between grieving communities and the police department at every homicide scene in the Kansas City, MO area. Rosilyn’s passion, leadership, and dedication are helping to improve police-community relations, and she has become a local hero and beacon of strength for her community.


Director and Producer

Over the last 20 years, Jon has been a pioneer in conceptualizing and producing award winning, high profile films.  His specialty is creating cutting edge content for multiple platforms that include documentary film, branded content, reality television, independent film, broadcast and social media content. Jon has a flawless track record working with Oscar and Emmy award winning filmmakers, world class creative agencies, production companies and Fortune 500 companies. Some clients include Yahoo!, People Magazine, Thrillist, Travelocity, Oracle and Getty Films.
In 2018, Jon directed, produced and edited the feature documentary film, Uncommon AlliesUncommon Allies is an official selection to five festivals so far in 2018 which include, Newport Beach Film Festival, Kansas City Film Festival, I Will Tell Film Festival, Kansas International Film Festival and the Baltimore Black International Film Festival. Jon was a producer on the feature documentary film, Beyond Laughter and Tears, released in March of 2016.
Jon’s past experience includes working as a director, producer, DP and editor at Yahoo!.  Jon played a hands-on, key role in establishing Yahoo! as a forerunner in original online video productions.  This was Yahoo’s first step into original TV style series (webisodes) productions.  He directed and produced 5 original shows while at Yahoo! focusing on topics such as travel, lifestyle, subcultures, music, news, and politics.  He’s worked with TV hosts Bill Maher, Charlie Rose and Richard Bangs.
Jon’s last project at Yahoo! was creating a video profile of the President of the United States in the White House Roosevelt Room.  It was the first time in history a sitting president conducted an interview solely for the internet.  This project was a tremendous success and received international attention and millions of video streams.
In 1998, Jon was a video producer for the world’s first e-commerce website with broadcast film footage.  The company was acquired by Getty Film in 2000.  He has also produced, directed and edited several short films.